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I am a Marriage & Family Therapist, Author, Musician, Teacher, Facilitator and Event Organizer. This umbrella website can direct you to the projects of mine that you may be most interested in. In each of these various endeavors I strive to facilitate people in expanding their understanding of themselves and their connection to others.


For information about my marriage counseling and individual psychotherapy practice in Santa Cruz, CA.


For information about my songwriting, recordings and occasional concerts with my band:  Just Love

Faculty JFKU

I am an adjunct faculty member at John F Kennedy University, teaching Adult Development and other courses to graduate psychology students.

Consensus Facilitation

I curate a public education website on Consensus Decision Making. I have a free one hour training video. And I offer training and facilitation, as well as mediation services to non-profit groups.


I wrote Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making (2011 New Society Publishers) about how to facilitate groups to widespread agreement. I have also written several articles on Parenting, Communication Skills, and Counseling.


Song Village

For information on a singing gathering I organize annually in May.

NCDC Dance Camp

For information on an annual dance camp that I help organize.

Family Heart Camp

For information about a Family Camp I co-organize, which teaches Non Violent Communication principles and skills through fun activities.